Matchmaking Websites

Many websites help aspiring volunteers find new opportunities. We have compiled a list of the leading ones below, along with a description of what they offer. = VolunteerMatch is the most comprehensive and generalist of the websites provided in this list. No matter your skillset, location, or experience level, you are highly likely to find an initiative on it that is a match for you. Idealist helps people change their lives for the better through matching them to new work, internship, and volunteer opportunities. Though less specialized than other websites listed here, it is still a good tool to find ways to make a difference. = Catchafire focuses on matching specialized professionals with volunteer opportunities that utilize their work skills. If this is the type of volunteering you are aiming for, look no further than this site. = This site provides a list of outdoor volunteer roles for various departments of the United States government. Opportunities are available in every state and territory.

United Nations Online Volunteering = The United Nations has provided a portal for all-online international volunteering opportunities for applicants with internet access. 

Independent service projects

If you’re still having a hard time finding programs to volunteer for, or have a volunteering idea of your own, please consider launching your own service project. We have another page provided here that lists a few ideas for what yours might look like. You may even think of another that we haven’t provided!