Our websites are specifically designed to improve and expand the ability of nonprofits to raise money and raise awareness, all without sacrificing ease-of-use. Organizations that use them can expect the following benefits:

Increased Variety, Accessibility of Fundraising Activities

- MaximumGood’s sites offer a wide range of fundraising activities, with options and ideas suitable for any type of fundraiser, activist, or donor. Many traditional fundraising activities can only be done by those who are physically fit or able; in contrast, we aim to maximize fundraising pathways.

- Many of these fundraising options are novel; as a result, supporters of organizations that use MaximumGood’s sites are more engaged in their fundraising activities on behalf of causes.

Ease of Promotion, Visibility

- Fundraisers on our sites increase the visibility of their cause, often resulting in new support. For example, an organization’s supporter doing a Volunteerathon on one of our sites can easily promote said organization to their contacts via email or social media, likely causing a few more to become ongoing supporters.

- Media attention It will be much easier to get your local media to cover your supporters doing a “Quitathon” or “Loseathon” than covering another walkathon. Reporters and editors and their readers get bored of the stories they’ve already done before. They want to see something new.

Simpler, More Efficient Fundraising

- MaximumGood’s sites are very easy to use, with little associated technical hassle; an organization’s profile can be set up in less than an hour, and will then appear across all of our sites.

- An organization’s fundraising through our sites can be completed with less time, effort, and cost than traditional channels require. Usually organizing a fundraising event like a bikeathon takes a large amount of time, effort and money. Studies show that about 20% of the money raised is eaten up by expenses.

In order to maximize these benefits, organizations using our sites should consider the following “best practices”:

Share your organization’s fundraising opportunities through your other social media pages, websites, and newsletters.

We suggest sharing a different fundraising option each week; It will take a nonprofit 9 months until they’ve shared all of the ones featured on MaximumGood’s sites. Then it can start the rotation anew.

Share success stories of past fundraisers.

This will inspire others, and helps show appreciation for existing supporters!

Set up automated transfers with MaximumGood

This will allow organizations to receive their monthly donation totals electronically. They will receive their money faster, and eliminate the need to go to the bank to deposit checks.